Dance 2009

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gettin' things started!  

Trumpet Section:  Charlie, Taylor,  Ian, Pat, and Sarah!

Rhythm Section:  Anja, Gretchen, Katie, Chad, David, and Scott!  

Now, that's nore like it!

Now we're havin some fun!!!!


Sax Sectiion:  Zach, David, Chris, David, Jennifer, and Zach!

Trombone Section:  Carrie, Alex, Laura, Ben, and Hannah!   
It's an intergenerational dance!  Fun for the whole family!   Zach's solo!
Who knew, Ben can sing too!
  Some of the crowd that just came to listen!
Chris' alto sax solo!   The trombone line!
Even though B.J. couldn't dance, he had plenty of company in the bleachers!
  What a trumpet section!

Zach sings "Witchcraft"!

  The Vocal Jazz Ensemble performs during a TBB break!

David, a study in percussion concentration!

  Our outstanding rhythm sectiion!

The TBB BLues Brothers, Ian and Alex wow the crowd!

  Laura sings "Over the Rainbow"!

Brady returns with friend Evy for the Big Band Dance!

Later, Brady joined the band with his EWI for a repeat performance!

  Sarah shows her style!
Laura gets a chance to dance with a friend!   While the Faculty Combo plays the TBB members dance!

Everyone loves the rhythm of the Tornado Big Band

  And they danced the night away!

The Band! Or at least most of it!

  The 2008-2009 Tornado Big Band!

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